Gemma Field, Year 6 Teacher at Wimbledon Park Primary

The MyBNK workshops were great, Andy was fantastic at engaging the children with what could have been really tedious information. When have you ever heard adults get excited about APR rates, let alone children!

It was so positive to hear the children discussing financial planning, especially as I know some of them may not have been exposed to conversations about managing finances before. I could see the children engaging and thinking deeply about sound, realistic and responsible financial planning. To hear them reasoning about the most beneficial interest rates and making decisions based on their 'needs' rather than their 'wants' was fascinating and I know that they learnt a lot about the real world which will make all the difference to their future. 

KickStart's campaign to make financial education compulsory in primary schools is of paramount importance, particularly in the rapidly evolving economic climate we live in. Watching the pupils in their MyBNK sessions demonstrates how simple it can be to engage children in these important conversations and what a difference it could make to their financial future. An excellent resource and brilliantly delivered. Thank you MyBNK!